Mens Hair

The neckline shape is the outline of the haircut at the nape. There are three basic shapes: Tapered, Rounded, Blocked, or. The neckline shape can have a dramatic impact on how your style compliments your neck shape and how your style looks as it grows out.

TaperedMens Neckline Shapes - Tapered

  • A natural tapered neckline follows the natural hairline at the nape.
  • The taper may be low and applied to the very bottom of the hairline, medium, or high with aggressive scalp exposure.
  • This type of finishing will slim a wide neck and will look neater as it grows out.
  • Absence of any blocking, a tapered hairline will grow out in a manner that keeps the style looking neater longer.

RoundedMens Neckline Shapes - Round

  • Similar to blocked with the square corners taken off.
  • Adds balance to a wider neck.
  • A neckline which is too rounded may appear more feminine and is not desirable.

Squared (Block)Mens Neckline Shapes - Square

  • Created by shaving a hard line into the natural hairline at the nape.
  • A blocked neckline can make a wide neck appear wider and add the appearance of width to a slim neck.
  • Once the hair below the line begins to grow, the new growth is more pronounced. and will appear untidy as the hair grows out.
  • Blocking the hairline too high creates a problem for two reasons; a hairline blocked too high makes the neck appear too wide and the style will look extremely bad as it grows out.
  • The “half moon” affect happens when the client is looking down while the hairline is being blocked. This type of block simply looks odd.

Be sure to make sure you see the back of your head before leaving the chair to prevent such mistakes.